MIC audio

MIC Audio, a Hong Kong Bases company who develop a Hi End Cables / Accessories brand - SINE

And Home furnishing brand - ungnoi/UN

We also distribute the World Top French
brand - Focal active speakers and inwall speakers

Auralic streamer and DAC

With our strong worldwide distribution networks. We carefully select the best Hi End Products to fit our customers.

香港國聲(MIC Audio), 旗下擁有高級影音電源配件及線材品牌 SINE(正弦) 和 木製音響器材架 UN (UNGNOI).

我們亦批發Focal (峰凱) 法國有源喇叭, , 解碼專家 Antelope (數碼羚羊) 及 Auralic 高解析數碼產品streamer 和 DAC, Volent喇叭