Focal 鈹高音系列

SM 9  $77,000
SM 9
Trio6 Be  $47,600
Trio6 Be
Solo6 Be  $21,800
Solo6 Be
Twins6 Be  $31,800
Twin6 Be
Sub 6  $15,900
Sub 6
鑑聽之神 - 4萬周之鈹高音 Beryllium
鑑聽之神 - 4萬周之鈹高音 Beryllium

Focal CMS系列

CMS 40  $7,960
CMS 40
CMS 50  $11,400
CMS 50
CMS 65  $14,800
CMS 65
CMS SUB  $8,500


"最新2015 美國CES 展中DTS公司的示範區內, 也用上了Focal CMS 有源喇叭系列作為最新DTS:X 的環繞聲播放示範。和杜比Atoms 一樣, 也是在天花上加喇叭。
Oscar 金像獎電影孤星淚Les Miserables- Lee McCutcheon

Oscar 金像獎電影孤星淚Les Miserables 原聲大碟監制Lee McCutcheon
也使用這個喇叭系列來協助製作這張著名音樂專輯. 以求達致真實和完美.
Kazbar Systems have supplied producer Lee McCutcheon with a pair of Focal for his West London studio. There was an element of urgency around the sale as Lee needed to do the final mix downs of the, now number one, soundtrack album to the film Les Miserables.

"I was just about to embark on the Les Miserables soundtrack album mix down when Gavin brought over the Focal SM9s for me to try. I put them up and just got on with it. I'm trying to find words to describe the flavour of the focal or how they sound like this or that, but I can't. They just feel invisible I guess that is the point. I don't actually notice them. What I do know is that, without them, on other monitors, I feel like a sheet has been dropped over my ears. The clarity and transparency of the focal is amazing. I have a huge confidence with the transference to other speakers when I work on them. When I get something feeling right on the focal, it feels the same everywhere." Lee McCutcheon.
Beryllium 鈹高音

鈹金屬物料 (Beryllium) 高音單元
要發揮高分析力、空氣感充沛、音色細膩流暢的高頻效果,理想的高音單元自是不可或缺的,而一個優質的高音單元,必須要同時具有質輕、堅硬和阻尼等三項重要 因素,很多廠家都努力探求擁有三種特點的單元振膜物料,而 Focal 則選用了成本高昂,但卻具備以上三大優點的鈹 (Beryllium) 高音單元。
鈹是一種高科技金屬物質,是目前唯一能在玻璃上刮痕的金屬,一般只應用於航天工業和軍事用途。而且現時鈹物料的生產仍是相當困難,只有美國、法國及俄羅斯 能有足夠技術製成純鈹金屬物質,而英國、德國和日本等地只能製成鈹合金;故此其作價非常昂貴,不單是鈦物料的百倍,更比黃金還要貴很多。