MIC audio

MIC Audio, a Hong Kong based company who develops a Hi End Cables / Accessories brand - SINE

And professional HiFi racks, speaker stands and tuning devices brand - ungnoi

We also distribute the World Top brand - AURALiC Streamer and DAC,and Japan professional digital cable manufacturer - AIM

With our strong worldwide distribution network, we carefully select the best Hi End Products to fit our customers

香港國聲 (MIC Audio),旗下擁有高級影音發燒電源配件及線材品牌 SINE (正弦) ,和專業音響架、喇叭脚架以及調聲設備品牌 ungnoi

我們亦代理 AURALiC 高端數碼產品 Streamer 和 DAC 等網路音樂串流播放器和解碼器。以及日本專業數碼線材名廠 AIM 的產品